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Transformational Life Coaching and Pain Management

Transformational life coaching can empower your mindset and brighten your life through simple and effective techniques. Coaching for pain management can be used to address health issues that are temporary or long-term, whether the pain is related to an injury or a chronic condition

Is Life Coaching For Pain Management You?

Are you a person who is suffering from chronic pain daily? Have you been to see many doctors but still have not found a way to live with your condition? Have you heard about life coaching but do not know if it can help? If you answered yes to any of these questions, life coaching might be just what you are looking for. In fact, there are many benefits that come from seeking out the assistance of a professional coach.

Transformational life coaching is effective for pain management because it encourages people to shift their mindsets. A significant part of managing chronic pain is understanding how your thoughts affect how you feel—and that mindset is something a coach can help you change.

At Project Visible we'll focus on many techniques to review your mindset from re-writing your individual story, using mindfulness and meditational challenges, and understanding what's really important to you and reviewing what we can do. We'll work on a lot of root thoughts and really bring forward your best self despite your medical obstacles.

Questions To Ask Yourself About Coaching

Are you ready to take control of your life? Are you willing to follow through on any new habits your coach sets out for you? Is your motivation strong enough to see yourself through a multi-month coaching program (or longer)? This is not an overnight fix and a place to secure tools for a lifetime journey. Many times we're focusing on re-wiring our mindsets and adapting how we used to be to where we're going.

How Life Coaching Can Help Manage Pain

We all have pain in our lives, but how we experience it is entirely up to us. By looking at a problem from different angles, new solutions emerge. A coach may be able to help you process your feelings about pain and come up with healthy strategies for dealing with it. For example, a life coach can guide you through identifying your personal pain triggers, help you develop positive coping mechanisms, and provide concrete ways of improving your overall outlook on life.

Benefits Of Group Coaching For Chronic Pain - Coming Soon!

Whether you experience it in your lower back, your right shoulder, or jaw, chronic pain is a difficult thing to live with. The National Academy of Medicine notes that chronic pain affects more than 116 million Americans annually and is considered one of today’s most serious public health problems. While it can be hard to cope with pain on a day-to-day basis, we believe that there are many benefits of group coaching for those who suffer from chronic pain.

You are not alone, and being encouraged and accompanied by fellow visible folks trying to better themselves, often allows us to feel more comfortable with our own conditions. I strive to create, an environment where you feel safe to grow and build while feeling fully supported. We are a team built to hold each other up and this is a special 12 weeks developed to bring your life forward.

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